My name is Blue! I am around 7 years old, give or take a day and my mood. I know you are wondering how I became a therapy dog……Here is my story.

I would say I have an empathetic heart for humans, especially children. My owner does not know my history since I was a rescue dog, I was found abandoned so my history is only known through my behaviors. When my owner brought me home I struggled with severe anxiety. As well, because of being abandoned I was very sensitive to being alone. Although I struggled at the beginning, training and structure gave me the chance to relax emotionally so that I could tend to humans. My human (owner) first noticed my love to take care of humans when I would lay on her friends feet when they were sad. This helped her understand my need to work in an area I was gifted at, mental health. I will say however, I maybe trained but I am still an individual thinker and at times follow my own directions. (my human is not always correct)

I enjoy paying attention to the needs of humans; whether you are sad, anxious or just need a good laugh, I am here to cater to your individual needs. I truly enjoy what I do; it gives me a sense of purpose.

In my off time; I enjoy playing ball, hanging out with my friends and I really love to sleep! I just recently got to play in snow for the first time; it is a wonderfully curious thing! I also love to swim, hike and take road trips. However, what I am best at is being a shadow to my human; I make a great companion if I do say so myself.

I look forward to meeting you and hope that I will bring some happiness to your day.