At Karis, we often have different group counseling and group consultation options available that meet over a range of different topics. We recognize that sometimes it's easier to talk when you're not the only one in the room. Below you will find our current group offerings available.

How to be a Human – With Feelings Workshop

Being human is hard; especially in a world that is over stimulated with media, expectations and cultural norms. This workshop helps flush out what a feeling is, how to communicate it and invite those we love the most into knowing us better. This seven-week workshop creates an invitation to enter into relationship with self and others in a way that creates boundaries and connection.

Requirement for Group is that you have your own individual therapist to process what you are learning during the time you are in the group. If you do not have a therapist we will set you up with one beforehand. To hold your spot please submit your name, number and email below with which group you would like to join. Half payment will be accepted to hold your spot and full payment is required 3 weeks before group.

Recommended to Read Jon Lee’s book Growing yourself back up.

Price for 7 weeks/14 hours is $700.

Women-only Workshop:
January 9 - February 20
July 10 - August 7

Men-only Workshop:
March 6 - April 17
October 7 - November 11

All-gender Identity Workshop:
May 8 - June 19

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How to be Human - Inner Child Workshop

Inner Child Workshop is created for those who want to deepen their understanding of self and trauma from the past. It focuses on IMPACT not INTENT as Trauma. As humans we are relational and with being relational we have blind spots in how we interact with each other whether it was from childhood or adulthood. Impact of trauma is what we look at NOT intent. The hope is to flush out and reduce our internal reactions to others to better enter into healthy relationship with those we love.

It is required to have completed 'How to be a Human - With Feelings Worshop.'

Dates TBD